About Us

Motley is not just any other shoe brand but it is a special brand that caters to the needs of women who have incorporated multitasking into their daily lives as a very substantial facet. The shoes come with interchangeable skins. Whatever the occasion or mood, one can change the appearance of his/her shoes simply by choosing from a variety of interchangeable skins available and snapping them. This is a novel idea originated to gather a cult following from women having to lead extremely busy lives and who are always on-the-go.

Misson statement
Motley provides you with ideas and inspirations to create an image that will speak to our customers in accordance to their needs, wants and desires for we are here to serve our customers to the best of our ability for they come first.

Motley is committed to maintaining customer satisfaction for the females of today with a passion for fashion.

With trust and integrity, delivering versatile, comfortable, affordable, stylish, quality products and services conforming to the company’s best practices and continuous process improvement” is our mission.

Vision statement

“To understand and satisfy the needs of pragmatic, multi tasking, stylish yet price conscious men women looking for convenience – globally.”


The factor that consumer take into consideration on doing purchase would be the function, quality and uniqueness of the product. The kind of the product which has space saving, multipurpose, stylish and price conscious is normally popular in the market. Other than that, consumers prefer easily handling and convenience stuff which will not cause hassle to them.