The Future

Motley Future Expansion

Motely’s future plans are to expand our products to cater to wider needs and wants to satisfy our consumers even more. Keeping to Motley’s mission to please our consumer in the best possible way, and delivering versatile, comfortable, affordable, stylish, quality products and services. Motley are constantly coming up with fresh new ideas on to how to develop their products. Taking into consideration of the consumers preferences and opinions Motley is more than welcome for their consumers to leave their comments on our facebook page, twitter or blog.

What Motley has in store for you…..

Motley are undergoing the creation of shoes with changeable heels! Yes, yet another innovative creation that fits into the daily lifestyles of the women of today.  The ability to change the level at which you would like your heel, for any occasion that suits best. This exciting new product is still in the process of research but will definitely hit the store next fall. Here is a little sneak peak of what to expect….

Motley will come up with designs of sandals and flats with interchangeable skins catering to the women who seek shoes without heels. These sandals and flats will come in different designs and a variety of patterns and colours, so that there is a vast choice for the consumers to choose from. Keep your eyes on the look out for these new products…